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long tales 

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Cross Country issue

stone arch in new hampshire

Stoddard, NH

Constructed early in the Nineteenth Century, this twin arch bridge was built not with mortar but solely by its expert shaping and placement of each arch stone.  A typical, yet unique style found along the Contoocook River Valley.                       -Stoddard Historical Society

I Love you maine

Kennebunkport, ME

Coming from The West, our idea of a beach lifestyle was heavily influenced by California.  Upon arrival however, we realized much of our favorite aspects there were just as present here.  Surfing, beach walks and beautiful sunsets.  This was our first experience watching the day end over the Atlantic... It did not disappoint, but rather exceeded all expectations. 

Fort Popham, ME

Settled at the tip of Phippsburg off the Atlantic Ocean was Fort Popham.  During the time of its use this fort was equipped with 28 cannons, each requiring 8 soldiers to operate at any given time. Ironically, throughout the Civil, Spanish/American and First World War it was never attacked.

- Maine Department of Conservation Bureau of Parks and Lands

Welcome to vermont

Back Roads, VT

You're going to want to take your time in Vermont. First off, take the back roads. There is nothing like a bend in the road surrounded by an early Autumn leaf background. Second, stop the car, walk by a creek, take pictures, Just Explore. The beauty in this state is overwhelming. 

Plymouth Rock, Ma

Lobster Hut - Highly Recommended 

Miles away on the day before our flight home we faced an unusual weather condition. Standing in the mist of Hurricane Jose and observing this rock, our Mom lost her ID yards away. Implementing her own legacy with the roots of this country forever. 

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