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C a n c e r     c o-p a y

f  o  u  n  d  a  t  i  o  n

with every purchase made

half of the proceeds will go into

building this foundation & the

causes it embodies.

No one plans on being diagnosed with cancer. In your position right

now, would you be able to cover nearly $200 of treatments each week?

Can appointments as serious as this afford to be missed? Inability to 

supplement this resource is a harsh commonality that many patients are

faced with on a weekly basis. Without a family support system this could be

nearly impossible.  Therefore, we envision this foundation to be the front

line of cancer pain relief.  

Imagine... you're walking into the treatment center this time, only to find

that today's visit is covered. A small yet powerful victory in the scheme 

of this illness.

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